My Winter Break Week

What I did on winter break is stay home from the cold. We just ate and go to San Francisco mall and the SF public library. We look through the Westfield Mall and after that we went to the #5 bus and stopped at the SF Golden Gate Bridge and walked across the bridge. Before that we went to 4505 Meats and BBQ restaurant. We had a whole ribs with BBQ sauce, potato salad, french fries, homemade coriander sauce (they made), BBQ beans, and some homemade mustard (they made.) It was the delicious and we were stuffed. Then we went home to sleep. And after that we had to go back to school from winter break.

What I did on Thanksgiving Week!!!!

What I did over the Thanksgiving Week is went to the Marriot hotel at Downtown Oakland and had a free dinner. I ate turkey but it looked like ham, mashed potatoes, cornbread stuffings, and peas and carrot and I also ate it with bread and butter. For dessert I had pumpkin pie. Then we went to another one on the next day which was Thanksgiving Day!!!! We went to this church at Lake Merritt and I had the same thing as the other day but it was with string beans and there was 3 different pies. There was apple, pumpkin, and peach pie with whipped cream and tangerines even raisins. But I only ate the tangerines. Then on 4:oo we went to this restaraunt called Spice Monkey. They were serving free dinner to eat. We came early and me and my sister went to the back and met a 4 year old girl who showed us her toys to play. Her name was Liv. While we were playing, my dad was just talking to the people who were working at Spice Monkey. 30 monutes passed and the food was ready. There was mashed potatoes with turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffings. It was 6:00 pm after I ate and play. Then we had to leave. When we got home I felt tired and get ready to sleep. That was the the best Thanksgiving dinner I ever had.

Cardboard Game Final Reflection

What we were doing is we made cardboard game out of cardboard. We made our game called FoodLand which is known as CandyLand. We made four characters for the game and a die with cards. We practice playing the game to check if it had worked out. There were a few mistakes with the card because some cards didn’t make any sense at all and didn’t go with the game. But later we had a new one for a final and everything had worked out and no mistakes was there at all.

ScratchMit Update :-) <3

My scratchmit game is called Trap In The Urban. Its about a pony named Lily getting trap in the urban. Once you started to play the game you have to get the pony out the urban. You could use you keyboard to move up, down, left, and right to escape the urban. The thing is to DON’T let the pony tamers catch Lily. You will lose the game. You must use the arrows to move. To not let the pony tamer catch Lily, don’t go where their direction is at. Go where no Lily’s tamer is at. That will keep Lily escape not trapped. Once you let Lily out of the urban, you will go to the next round. And the trick is that there are new tamers that are going to catch Lily. It will stop to round 5 once you let Lily out of the urban. You will win after you let Lily out of the urban.


I am only 12 years old and I go to United For Success Academy. A middle school I go to. I am a 6th grader. One thing I like to do is go to school and learn new math problems, even challenges. I love math. It is my favorite subject. Also I like to hang out with my friends during lunch time. And I play the violin, too. I played it for about 3 years. In school I like to read during silent reading time. I even love FOOD!! Mexican food. Mostly I like to eat chips and salsas. And add some spicy, too.

My blog is about making music. Not singing, playing my violin. I love my violin. Its my thing. I like to play the notes by Beethoven no. 5, called Finale. 🙂 And many other notes. My dad would always say one day I would be a super violin player just like Sirena Huang. Much better than anyone. Even playing with three strings until it breaks and play without any strings. One day you will see me playing. 🙂

Welcome to

My dream invention is to invent a robot that gives you anything you want. I chose this because I think it is very useful and you don’t have to buy (except you have to buy the robot.) The robot would give it to you when you ask the robot what you want. Like say you ask the robot you want a crayon that has a pack of 100 pieces.Then it would take a few seconds to give it to you. It would also know everything and do everything for you. When you got stuck on a math problem it will help you and you will able to learn from the robot.The robot may look ugly, but it does everything for you.